Monster Lake, Cody, Wyoming

Experience the spirit of the American West and visit Monster Lake Ranch, located 15 minutes south of Cody Wyoming. This 10,000-acre ranch is a premier fly-fishing destination home to trophy Rainbow, Brown, Cutthroat, Brook, and Tiger Trout. If you want big trout that pull hard, Monster Lake will not disappoint. Reopening in the spring of 2021, anglers will be able to hunt the large trout found in this remarkable fishery.

Caught with Caddis Brown All-Purpose Nymph at Monster Lake

The largest trout I ever caught was a brown trout that measured over 30 inches in length and had shoulders so wide he could have been an NFL linebacker. Its body had 4 flies still attached that had broken off when previous anglers attempted to bring him in. I removed three of the flies from this behemoth – plus my own – before he jumped out of my hands to escape back into to the deep. He is still there, waiting for you.

Monster Lake has become one of my favorite fly-fishing destinations for big trophy sized trout. Well named, Monster Lake provides the fly-fishing angler an extraordinary adventure that will test your angling skills. Nothing less than a six-weight rod is recommended. I use 0X leaders and 1X tippets.

Tiger trout caught at Monster Lake

There are plans to add overnight accommodations, however at the time anglers will need to make arrangements to stay in Cody.

Starting the last week of June, one of the most spectacular annual events begins on Monster Lake: the annual traveling sedge caddis hatch. Fishing Monster Lake during this hatch is a unique opportunity and has become an annual pilgrimage for me. The size of these trout demands a number 8 hook, 13-pound leader, and 12-pound tippet.

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Tiger Trout caught during the traveling sedge hatch at Monster Lake, Wyoming

These are the patterns and colors I find productive at Monster Lake:

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