Flies By Vickie

Your Fly-Fishing Adventure Starts Here

Flies By Vickie

Your Fly-Fishing Adventure Starts Here

Flies By Vickie

Your Fly-Fishing Adventure Starts Here

Flies By Vickie

Your Fly-Fishing Adventure Starts Here

Flies By Vickie

Your Fly-Fishing Adventure Starts Here

Flies By Vickie

Your Fly-Fishing Adventure Starts Here

Flies By Vickie provides fly-fishing anglers quality products which have met my demanding standards for excellence. Now available are my essential fly-fishing patterns including detailed information on how to fish them.

Product Categories


Fly patterns proven through years of rigorous fishing.


Items I always include in my tackle box.

Tying Materials

High quality, good value, and durable materials I use in my own flies.


Lightweight, portable, durable, comfortable, and dependable pontoon boats.

Fly Assortments

Samplings of various colors and sizes of my time-tested patterns.

Rods, Reels & Lines

Products I use which meet my demanding standards for quality and value.

See what people say about Vickie.

“Rarely in the sport of stillwater fly fishing has a person grown so quickly to remove some of the mysteries of this demanding sport. Vickie Loftus is not only a truly dedicated angler, she has developed the skills it takes to catch not only numbers of trout, but those trophy sized monsters that elude most fly fishermen. Her knowledge of tackle, flies, presentation, including casting, retrieve options, knowledge of zones where trout feed, mother nature’s impact on a trout’s feeding behavior and all of the challenges we face each day on lakes are a matter of routine for her. Her fly patterns are deadly even in the hands of an inexperienced angler. Today, she is an equal to the best of the stillwater fraternity I fish with and without question, the top lady stillwater angler in the United States. I know because she out fishes me half the time.”

– Denny Rickards, Master Angler

“I have been on quite a few guided fly-fishing trips in the US, Canada, and Argentina but none have been more enjoyable than the several days I’ve been guided by Vickie Loftus. She proved to be a true professional who was very knowledgeable of the flies and techniques required to hook and land trophy Rainbow Trout in the lakes we fished. I’m certainly looking forward to fishing with Vickie again in the future.”

Mark Doolittle

“I have been impressed with Vickie’s fly pattern design talent, especially her use of UV flash materials that can make a big difference. I have used her flies here at Monster Lake enough to know they will work well anywhere.”

Duane Feick, Guide at Monster Lake

“I have always been intrigued watching fly fishermen and women while I was working on the Deschutes, but was rather intimidated by the process. I really lacked the confidence to take it on, and the male guides I asked about learning really kind of insinuated it was a tough skill to learn. Vickie told me not to worry about that, and to just enjoy the day. There was no pressure, just a couple good friends going out on the water for the day. With the completely laid-back attitude and no pressure or expectations, I found myself lost in the beauty of fly fishing on a private lake, enjoying every minute of it! I even caught the biggest fish of the day and am completely hooked! It was the best day ever, and I can’t wait to try new places and let the stress of the work world ebb away!”

Katie Kroenlein Hubler

“Since I first met Vickie, her skills with fly fishing, fly tying, and knowledge of still water environments have grown tremendously. She IS a master fly angler. She is also an excellent teacher/guide. She has the ability to make stillwater fly fishing concepts and techniques easily understandable. Plus – she’s just fun to fish with! She can out fish me any day of the week. And I do not mind. I just admire her abilities.

Vickie is respected within the Oregon Fishing Club for her abilities to catch trout. Word is that if she stops her car by a flooded ditch and casts…she WILL catch a rather large fish from it.

She also offers the best in fly fishing equipment (without busting budgets) and flies. Her fly designs are simply the best for lake fly fishing. Her designs reflect years of “on the water time.” She also provides information on how to actually USE her files on the water. This is something you almost never see.

Anyone interested in learning how to fly fish on lakes should get out with Vickie. I’m a life-long fly fisherman and have fished many times with Vickie. She’s a master fly fisher and a really good instructor. She’s also really fun to be with. You’ll not only enjoy fishing with her, you will learn a lot.

Dave KlostermanOregon Fishing Club Board of Directors Member