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Vickie’s Predator Minnow


Triggers aggressive takes

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My Predator Minnow is perfect for targeting big fish cruising shallow shorelines hunting for minnows. You will feel your adrenaline spike when a big fish slams the Predator Minnow devouring what it thinks is a small forage fish or minnow. Its sleek profile incorporates UV materials with fox and marabou tails to create a distinctive streamer pattern irresistible to large trout and bass. Be prepared with stout tippets as takes can be aggressive!

Available in Hook Size #8

Available Colors: Yellow, Olive, Gray, Brown

California Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
Proposition 65 Warning applies only to products sold into California.

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Yellow, Olive, Gray, Brown

Fly Ingredients

Thread: Black Danville 6/0 70 Denier
Hook: Daiichi #8 4X long #D2220
Body: Jay Fair’s Short Shuck
Wing 1: Cascade Crest Custom Marabou Colors + UV Minnow Belly
Wing 2: Cascade Crest Custom Marabou Colors
Wing 3: Squirrel or Fox Tail
Wing 3 Flash: Micro Pearl Flashabou 1/100 or Gray Barred Predator Wrap
Head Cement: Loon Fluorescing UV Clear Fly Finish