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Vickie’s UV Midge


A year-round staple in my fly box

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The UV Midge is my go-to fly when other food sources are scarce, especially in late fall and early spring. Its slim profile and distinctive glossy sheen mirror the appearance of a chironomid larva, a plentiful and important year-round food staple trout love to gorge upon.

Visibility is enhanced by flash material added next to the hook’s eye. The glossy sheen is created by UV materials wrapped along the shank of the hook. Be prepared with a variety of sizes and colors.

Available in Hook Sizes #10, #12 and #14

Available Colors: Black & Silver, Blood Red, Olive, Black & Copper

Customer Testimonial


The UV Midge was on fire and it was crazy how the fish went after it. It was great until I lost the fly. Then I caught less than 1/4 of of the fish! – Brian Cobos

California Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
Proposition 65 Warning applies only to products sold into California.

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Black & Silver, Blood Red, Olive, Black & Copper

Hook Size

#10, #12, #14

Fly Ingredients

Hook: Daiichi 1560 1X long (# 10, #12, #14)
Thread: Danville 6/0 70 Denier Waxed
Rib: Hareline Ultra Wire Small
Abdomen: Cascade Crest UV Enhancer
Thorax: Peacock
Head Flash: Kiley’s UV Body Wrap Pearl
Head Cement: Loon Fluorescing UV Clear Fly Finish