Pronghorn Lake, Southern Oregon

Pronghorn Lake is a secluded 150-acre treasure, located 40 miles east of Klamath Falls, Oregon in the beautiful Langell Valley. This remarkable private fishery provides a relaxing oasis in a truly spectacular off-grid environment to enjoy with your friends and most importantly, seize the opportunity to catch trophy size trout!

The lake is stocked with Kamloop and steelhead trout. Once you hook up one of these hard fighting fish, both your tackle and your ability to land trophy trout will be tested.

You soon realize why this is such a special place. RV hook ups, camp sites, and two rustic cabins are available at Pronghorn Lake for anglers who want to stay overnight.

At night you can see the Milky Way, listen to coyotes, and share laughter with your fishing buddies while cooking up steaks on outdoor barbecue grills

Caught on Vickie’s White UV Midge Pupa
Same pattern under UV light

The two cabins are equipped with refrigerator, heater, beds, microwave, and coffee pot. A port-a-potty is available. Bring your own bedding, food, and water. Cell phone coverage can be dodgy. For those who prefer a motel, Klamath Falls is just 45 minutes away.

How to fish this lake

Barbless hooks and rods no smaller than a 6-weight are required for this catch and release lake. To prevent possibly breaking off the fish of a lifetime, use a 0X or 1X monofilament leader with a size smaller fluorocarbon tippet (e.g. 1X or 2X).

The best way to fish this lake is from a boat because of limited shoreline access. You may bring your own boat with an electric motor or use float tubes or pontoon boats. Boat rentals are also available.

Pronghorn Lake is open to anglers during the spring and fall for trout and bass fishing in the summer. Fish have been caught all over the lake, although there can be seasonal variations. I generally recommend fishing the east side in the spring and the west and south side in the fall.

As the water continues to cool in the fall heralding the arrival of winter, fish will be located at the north and south ends of the lake.

Using an indicator and floating line, I landed this monster trout in the fall using my UV Midge Pupa pattern late fall:

Patterns and colors that I find most productive at Pronghorn are:

Pronghorn is a destination where you can enjoy the camaraderie of your friends while sitting next an evening campfire after a day of epic fishing. It’s a perfect place to unwind, go off the grid, and catch large, beautiful trout. Certainly, Pronghorn Lake is a worthy addition to your bucket list!

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