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Vickie’s Grizzly Bug


A mini leech pattern effective year-round

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My Grizzly Bug is a scaled-down cousin of the Predator Bugger and features a smaller profile and silhouette. This unweighted pattern imitates a host of aquatic food sources including leeches, damsels, caddis, mayflies, and dragonfly nymphs and is an excellent search pattern for locating feeding trout.

The Grizzly Bug name comes from the oversized grizzly head hackle which helps create its tapered profile. UV materials integrated into the seal dubbing increase the visibility and appeal of its buggy appearance. UV materials are also incorporated into the marabou tail which pulsates with lifelike movement as the fly is retrieved.

Available in Hook Sizes #10 and #12 (unweighted)

Available Colors: Black, Burgundy, Burnt Orange, Dark Olive

Customer Testimonial

I fished...last Sunday and caught a bunch of fish and a bunch of BIG fish. So much so that, after long and meritorious service, I’m retiring a couple of flies and putting them on the wall of fame. The fish wanted the midge pupa in the morning, and in the afternoon they wanted nothing but the Grizzly Bug. I netted 16, including 3 that were 20-inches and 2 that were 22+! UV does indeed give me the edge! - Dale Voeller, Oregon Fishing Club Member

California Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
Proposition 65 Warning applies only to products sold into California.

Additional information


Black, Burgundy, Burnt Orange, Dark Olive

Hook Size

#10, #12

Fly Ingredients

Hook: Daiichi #10,12 #D1560 1X long
Rib: Ultra Wire Brassie
Tail: Cascade Crest Marabou Custom Colors + Flashabou
Abdomen: Cascade Crest UV & Euroseal Dubbing, Custom Colors
Nymph Saddle: Jay Fairs Nymph Saddle
Hackle: Cascade Crest Grizzly Hen Back Custom Colors
Head Cement: Loon Fluorescing UV Clear Fly Finish