Vickie’s UV Emerger under UV light

Your Guide to UV Enhanced Fly-Tying Materials

I have found flies containing UV consistently outperform the same flies without UV.

UV reflective materials are more visible to fish during low light conditions.

The following list of UV materials are products that I use in my flies. All images are pictures taken under UV light.

UV and Euro Seal Dubbing

This is a unique blend of Cascade Crest’s Euro Seal and specially treated UV transparent fibers. It dubs easily and is ideal for nymphs, wet flies, and emergers.

UV Enhancer Flash

I use UV Crystal Enhancer as a body wrap along the hooks shank. It creates a glossy finish which mirrors the appearance of midge and midge pupa. It is also a great material to blend with any dubbing material. It can be easily blended with Spirit River Hare’s Ear.

UV2 Sparkle Yarn

UV2 is a proprietary process of dying that enhances the material, adds visibility and natural color spectrums. Sparkle Yarn is a coarse and crinkly fiber great for wing cases, parachutes, shucks, spinner wings, wing posts, and tails.

Senyo’s UV Predator Wrap

This soft material adds movement and visibility when integrated into the marabou tails or wings. Senyo’s Predator Wrap is simple to use and creates fantastic collars and bodies for all types of flies. It is durable and is east to trim to desired size and length. The material is soft and flexible adding movement.

Kiley’s Body Wrap

I add this UV-enhanced body wrap to the eye to my UV Midge, Predator Bugger, and Predator Leech. It can also be used as a body wrap for midges. I find it acts as a visual focal point reflecting available sunlight increasing the fly’ visibility.

UV Minnow Belly

A supported thing mylar with a beautiful UV hue making it ideal for minnow flies.

Micro Flashabou

UV reflective Micro Flashabou is only 1/100″ thick (30 % thinner than traditional 1/69” thick Flashabou). Despite its thinness, material added to each strand provides more support and prevents curling. I add this to tails and wings to add movement and contrast.

Loon Fluorescing UV Clear Fly Finish

I use this as head finish to add a fluorescing element making the fly more visible especially during low light conditions as it reflects the UV light available underwater.