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Denny Rickards

“She is an equal to the best of the stillwater fraternity I fish with and without question, the top lady stillwater angler in the United States. I know because she out fishes me half the time.”

Duane Feick, Guide at Monster Lake

“I have been impressed with Vickie’s fly pattern design talent, especially her use of UV flash materials that can make a big difference. I have used her flies here at Monster Lake enough to know they will work well anywhere.”

Dave Klosterman

“She also offers the best in fly fishing equipment (without busting budgets) and flies. Her fly designs are simply the best for lake fly fishing. Her designs reflect years of ‘on the water time.’ She also provides information on how to actually USE her files on the water. This is something you almost never see.”

Mark Doolittle

“She proved to be a true professional who was very knowledgeable of the flies and techniques required to hook and land trophy Rainbow Trout in the lakes we fished.”