Hyde Lake, Chiloquin, OR

Hyde Lake is located on the historic Yamsi Ranch in southern Oregon. This lake is a hidden gem just waiting for you to discover its remarkable fishing. My favorite times to fish this lake are April through June, and September through October.

Located 30 minutes east of Chiloquin, Oregon, Hyde Lake is an idyllic 300-acre lake nestled in the pines. It is stocked with trophy rainbows 18-24 inches in length weighing up to 6 pounds. Hyde Lake is an easy five-hour trip from Portland, Oregon. It is the perfect addition to your next trip.

Pontoon boats and float tubes work well here because the trout are usually located within easy kicking distance from the dock.

I eagerly wait for spring fishing when Hyde Lake’s warmer water temperatures wake up trout from their winter hiatus and they start actively feeding again.

In the spring, the fishing can be spectacular as the trout are hungry, and every strike is aggressive. During this cloudy day, with a slight ripple on the water, my Grizzly Bug pattern proved to be especially productive. The trout fight hard here, and their aggressive takes are always exciting to experience as seen in this video:

Hyde is a nutrient-rich habitat teeming with damsels and mayflies in the spring and summer. In summer, dragonflies emerge and can be found flying close to the lake feeding on insects. The weeds can be close to the surface in the summer. However, cooler temperatures in the fall cause the weeds to recede and the lake fishes well through October.

Caught on Vickie’s UV Crystal Pupa

The fish concentrate in the bay area at the southern end and along weed line next to shallow shoreline edges. I have also been productive fishing in the bay area in front of the dock.

This beautiful destination will fill your senses and offer peaceful solitude. If fishing in southern Oregon, Hyde Lake is the perfect destination to add to your travels. Since it is only 45 minutes from Pronghorn Lake, consider fishing both lakes your next trip to the area!

These are the patterns and colors I find productive at Hyde Lake:

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