Crittenden Reservoir, Nevada

Crittenden Reservoir is a 200-acre lake located on a cattle ranch outside of Montello, Nevada. I invite you to join me!

Crittenden Reservoir, Nevada

Stocked yearly, Crittenden is loaded with big browns, rainbow, and tigers. I have caught fish up to 12 pounds at this lake. I suggest using nothing smaller than a six-weight rod to handle these aggressive and feisty fish, and do not skimp on tippet size!

Overnight accommodations are available in Montello, NV. Anglers may also camp next to the lake. Boats with electric motors or pontoon boats are recommended. Indicator fishing, trolling, cast and retrieve – all forms of presentation are effective here.
The lake supports a prolific midge population. The spring hatch offers anglers an excellent opportunity to catch fish using floating lines and indicators.

Caught on Vickie’s UV Midge Pupa

Streamer patterns are productive, especially when fished early morning or late evening along shallow shoreline edges where large trout are cruising.

Tiger trout cruising close to shoreline in early morning
Landed with my Predator Leech

Patterns and colors I find productive at Crittenden are:

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